Who I am

Smiling on graduation day!

According to a study done by Robert Sperry in the 1960’s, it is said that left-brained thinkers tend to be more analytical, numbers-driven, while right-brained thinkers tend to be more creative (Pietrangelo, 2017). Growing up, many times I was told something very similar, referencing that I must be a right-brained thinker since I focused more on art, color, and creativity. But as Pietrangelo mentions, the “two halves of your brain don’t work independently of each other” (2017, para. 3), and I find myself constantly falling into the grey (matter) area, loving both numbers and colors. I believe firmly that arts teach and strengthen understanding in other areas where numbers dominate and that you don’t have to be a great artist to be considered creative.

In a time when computers were coming to the forefront of everyday life, 3D animation was making its way to the movies, and websites were being crudely developed, a confused, young high-school graduate stumbled upon a delightful mix of art and science. A web developer was born.


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